Our History

In 2012, a core group of people began gathering to discuss the need of a new, conservative Presbyterian church in Beaufort. Their desire was to begin a church that would emphasize, above all else, utter reliance upon the Bible. This group initially decided to begin an independent Presbyterian church, and thus First Scots Independent Presbyterian Church of Beaufort was born. In God’s providence, the group reached out to the Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah for support. From the beginning, the pastors at Independent Presbyterian Church encouraged the Beaufort group to consider entering a denomination rather than staying independent, and specifically they encouraged the group to consider the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Of this relationship, a partnership was born between the Beaufort core group and The Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah.

From this partnership, a provisional session was formed in order to provide leadership and direction for the new congregation. The session consisted of John Gatch, Pierre McGowan, Wilson McIntosh, and Pat Garrett of Beaufort, as well as Ed Forester, Bob Dykema, Joe Van Puffelen, and Don McLaurin of Savannah. Pastors Terry Johnson and Ron Parrish of Savannah were integral in leading this session.

In 2013, Alex Mark (a native of Beaufort and graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary) was hired by Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah as an intern and was charged with leading the new mission church plant in Beaufort while also maintaining some duties in Savannah. The relationship grew and Alex eventually focused his full attention on the work in Beaufort.

On February 23, 2014, a vote was taken and the congregation unanimously decided to call Alex Mark to be its first pastor and to pursue becoming a PCA church plant. Palmetto Presbytery (PCA) also voted unanimously to receive First Scots as a church plant, and Mr. Mark was subsequently examined for ordination by Palmetto Presbytery.

On August 24, 2014, Alex Mark was ordained as church planter and organizing pastor of First Scots, which subsequently became a church plant of the PCA.

In January 2017, we elected our first elders and transitioned from a church plant to a church led by our own local session.

In May 2020, we occupied our new building, located at 335 Sams Point Road, Ladys Island.

We give great thanks to God for His leading upon this church and we seek His continued blessing upon us as we seek to move forward in the future!