Who We Are


So you want to know more?

We are Protestants. True.

We are Presbyterians. True.

Most fundamentally, we are Christians.

Simply put, we are a church of gathered families and individuals who profess their need for a Savior and have found life in Jesus Christ, true identity and purpose in the God of the Bible, and seek to be a community growing together in love for Christ and our pursuit of Godliness.

Learn more about our Beliefs, because our core values help define who we are.

Learn what it means that we are part of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Learn about our History, because we recognize and celebrate what God has done as steps that have shaped us.

Learn about our Pastor, because he is the one God has placed at First Scots to care for and minister to the people of this congregation.

See what we do, because our aim is not to be idle but to be growing together and at work in our community.

We are so glad you are here. Please let us know if there is something we can help you with! info@firstscotsbeaufort.org