What to Expect on Sunday

Lost and Confused Signpost

What to Expect When You Visit

We realize that visiting a new church is not always easy. The people, the worship style, and learning our way around a new facility all can be overwhelming at times and all at once you find yourself between lost and disoriented.

Please take advantage of this page as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with what you can expect when you visit First Scots.


The Facility

If you notice that our church doesn’t look much like a church, that’s exactly right. This building has housed many schools during its life, and currently it is the home of Holy Trinity Classical Christian School. Through Holy Trinity’s kindness, we are able to make use of this facility on Sunday mornings for Sunday school and worship.

Parking at Holy Trinity is found along Burroughs Avenue or along Bull Street, which runs next to the building.

The facility has one main entrance, which faces Burroughs Avenue. Upon entry, you will enter into the lobby where you will find the day’s bulletin, the children’s ministry check-in table, and a greeter who can direct you as needed. The entrance to the worship hall will be on your left.


The Service of Worship

Our worship service begins at 10:45AM and will start with a few moments of announcements pertinent to the life of the church. We use a very simple order of worship that seeks to experience both the glory and the presence of God. Click here to see a sample Sunday Bulletin. 

If you are new to Presbyterianism or church in general, we do include in our bulletin instructions for each part of the worship service, including words for any songs, creeds, or prayers that we will participate in together as a congregation. We also aim to give careful directions throughout the service in order to help visitors not feel out of place. The service generally lasts about an hour.


The Sunday School

We believe that a solid biblical foundation is integral to the life of any church, and therefore we offer a Sunday school program that is intended to help people of all ages grow in their knowledge of God and their familiarity with the Bible. A regular diet of Sunday School and worship services at First Scots are a wonderful aid in your discipleship and will help to give you the tools you need in order to grow in your faith.

Our Sunday school opportunities are extended to children and adults. For young children (ages four to eight), we offer a Sunday School class that uses curriculum from Great Commission Publications. For adults and older children, we offer a class that is currently doing a “Journey through the Bible,” which gives an overview of every book of the Bible, one book per week.

Parents should feel welcome to work with the pastor to help determine which class is the best fit for their child.


Children at First Scots

A spiritually healthy family is the basic building block of the spiritually healthy church. Our desire is to assist parents in their work of training up children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We do not believe that children’s ministry is “one size fits all” and we want to maximize the opportunities to feed and encourage the families that the Lord gives us. As our families grow, so too will our children’s ministry.

Currently, Sunday morning gives children three opportunities:

  • Children up to four years old can go to the nursery for both Sunday School and worship.

  • Children four to eight years old can attend our children’s Sunday school.

  • Children of all ages are welcome to accompany their parents to our main Sunday school class.

This year we expanded our children’s ministry opportunities. You can learn more HERE.

If you would like details on the vision for expanded children’s ministry, email Alex Mark at amark@firstscotsbeaufort.org.